Alcea Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13CM Pots

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Alcea Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13CM Pots

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The Alcea are beautiful perennial flowering plants which are available in many varieties. We bring to you the best of these and the healthiest plants for you.

Alcea (Hollyhock) Blackberry Sorbet Perennial:

Alcea (Hollyhock) Blackberry Sorbet is a perennial striking flowering plant which produces double flowers in deep purple and buttermilk white. It flowers from June to July and grows well in well-drained soil. It requires being thoroughly watered before planting and after being soiled. It is perfect for being used in cottage gardens or can be used to beautify a border perennial.

Alcea (Hollyhock) The Bride Perennial:

The Alcea (Hollyhock) Bride is a variety of perennial which grows typically as a biennial. It grows in a cluster with a combination of blush pink and white shaded bulbs. It matures and completes its lifecycle in two years. The height of the plant is about 1.52 meters. These are perfect for plush gardens and bordering fences.

Alcea (Hollyhock) Halo Mixed Perennial :

The Alcea (Hollyhock) Halo Mixed flowers are bright and beautiful perennial clusters that grow up to the height of almost 2 meters. It has a glowing center which adds a beautiful charm and contrast. These flowers are perfect for beautifying your cottage gardens and are also edible making it a delicious treat. We bring to you the best of this plush flowering plant.

Alcea (Hollyhock) Rosea Nigra Perennial:

The Alcea (Hollyhock) Rosea Nigra perennial is strikingly beautiful and dramatic with a glowing eye. The flowers are hued in nearly black tones of richest and deepest maroon. It makes for a perfect cut flower for indoor vase too. It is ideal for cottage gardens and wildlife gardens. Its flowering period belongs in June and July, when it is at its fullest glory.

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