Aquilegia Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Aquilegia Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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The Aquilegia is a variety of perennials which are amongst the most attractive flowers native to America. Each of its type is unique in its own way and come with specific properties of its own. We produce some of the best in this range that are healthy and affordable.

Aquilegia william Guinness Perennials:

The Aquilegia William Guinness is amongst the most popular flowering perennials. These are purplish black flowers with a glowing fluorescent yellow eye. These grow beautifully to enhance the garden areas. It’s one of the favorite amongst humming birds who love to sip its nectar, so don’t be surprised if you find such a beautiful sight in your garden. These grow perfectly in early summer and late spring.

Aquilegia munstead White Perennials:

The Aquilegia Munstead White Perennials are snow white flowers with a wonderful fragrance. These grow in the months of May and June. These will give a fresh and beautiful look to any garden. These grow well in clusters and add elegance to your garden.

Aquilegia chrysantha Yellow Queen Perennials:

The Aquilegia Chrysantha Yellow Queen flowering perennials are clump-forming, lengthy stalked plants which come with basal leaves and are erect and produce bell-shaped flowers. These are cultivated in May and June and bears sweet smelling and beautiful plush of flowers. We bring to you the healthiest stalk of these perennials you can find.

Aquilegia caerulea Crimson Star Perennials:

The Aquilegia Caerulea Crimson Star Perennials are one of the most radiant and beautiful bulbs with a charming honey-drop color. These are lightly fragrant and grow up to 30 or more. These grow in beautiful rich clusters and impart a wonderful radiance to the background. You can find the healthiest plush of perennials at our store.

Aquilegia mckana Mixed Perennial:

Extremely gorgeous with a beautiful blend of colors, the Aquilegia Mckana Mixed Perennial is an attractive long spurred flowering plant which blooms in May, June and July. It is perfect for cottage gardens, cut flower gardens and wildlife gardens. It provides a beautiful plush of flowers when grown in clusters.

Aquilegia vulgaris Nora Barlow Perennial:

One of the most ancient types of rose, the Aquilegia vulgaris Nora Barlow perennial is a type of flowering plant which is also one of the rarest to find. The rose gives a beautiful fragrance and is shaded in contrasting colors of purple and fluorescent yellow. These are ideal for cottage gardens, borders and shade gardens.

Aquilegia vulgaris Black Barlow Perennial:

The Aquilegia Vulgaris Black Barlow is a clump-forming perennial which come with lengthy stalks and have divided basal leaves and are erect. These are upright herbs which grow up to 90 cm and come with a grey-green leaves that are divided and are distinctive. The flowers bloom with a deep shade of purple. We bring the healthiest of these stalks for you.

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