Aster Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Aster Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Aster Plants

Aster is a category of perennial which is exclusive and rare. They are available in various types, each of which is unique in own way. These are lightly scented and make for a beautiful plush garden and border ornament.

Aster lateriflorus horizontalis Perennial:

The Aster lateriflorus horizontalis are a type of flowering perennial found in America. These resemble a lot like daisies. The plant comes with narrow and small leaves and widely spread branches. These bear tiny white-rayed bulbs with reddish glowing centers. These grow well in late autumn. We bring to you some of the healthiest plants of this range.

Aster lateriflorus Lady in Black Perennial:

The Aster Lateriflorus Lady in Black is a beautiful dusky purple leaves that unfurl itself in spring season. These bulbs bloom beautifully by the end of the summer season. These perennial varieties grow as tiny dark bulbs which are densely clustered at the height of 3 foot. These attract butterflies and add charm and color to your garden. They require well drained and moist soil.

Aster novi-belgii Snow Cushion Perennial :

The Aster novi-belgii Snow Cushion is a beautiful flowering perennial which burst into bright bubs in spring. These are pure white flowers with a contrasting yellow center. It adds color, contrast and beauty to your garden. They grow well in moist well-drained soil. These are perfect for cottage gardens, borders and so on.

Aster novi-belgii Jenny Perennial:

Rich pink and magenta tinted flowers with a superbly glowing eye are the best way to define Aster novi-belgii Jenny Perennials. It blooms in late summer, early and mid-fall season. Its height is 12 to 16 inches. The plant is perfect as a garden ornament and produces a bright plush of vibrant bulbs.

Aster novi-belgii Lady in Blue Perennial:

The Aster novi-belgii Lady in Blue is one of the popular varieties of Aster which bloom into deep blue bulbs. These perennial varieties grow and blossom during the late summer season, early and mid-fall. These plants form a bushy clamp that bears beautiful flowers with a pink or yellow eye. These are a graceful addition to any garden.

Aster novi-belgii Little Pink Beauty Perennial:

The Aster novi-belgii Little Pink Beauty is also known as the Fall Asters. This perennial plant forms a bushy clump and bears a beautiful cluster of bubble pink and bright pink bulbs. This belongs to the dwarf collection of Aster flowers. They are grown in moist and rich soil. The best way to keep its vigor for long is by dividing the clusters into parts every 2 to 4 years.

Aster novi-belgii Chatterbox Perennial:

The Aster novi-belgii Chatterbox Perennial is a bushy and compact plush of flowering plant which grows in slender, branching stems that bear lance-shaped leaves. These are grey-green leaves and lilac colored flower headed perennials. These bloom the best in autumn. The flowers will add an element of contrast and vividness to your garden.

Aster novi-belgii Professor Anton Kippenberg Perennial:

Also known as New York Aster, the novi-belgii Professor Anton Kippenberg is a perennial beautiful blue daisy flower that features a glowing yellow eye. It produces the best plush when planted in a group. It is a perfect ornamental plant which enhances the overall beauty of your garden. It is best suited for cottage gardens, borders and wildlife gardens.

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