Coreopsis Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Coreopsis Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Centaurea Plants

Centaurea may be annuals, perennials or subshrubs, with simple pinnately lobed leaves and showy thistle like flower heads, often with enlarged outer florets.

Centaurea Dealbata Perennial: Native to the Caucasus Mountains, Centaurea dealbata is a species of Centaurea. This ornamental perennial is commonly called as knapweed or Persian cornflower. This clump-forming perennial features Pinnately-lobed basal foliage and produces distinctive involucre bracts head, cornflower-like, lavender to rosy pink flowers, that are attractive to butterflies. It blooms in May to June.

Centaurea Montana Perennial: Centaurea Montana is a herbaceous perennial of the Asteraceae family. The commonly known name of this plant is perennial cornflower, bachelor's button, mountain cornflower, montane knapweed, and mountain bluet. This clump-forming perennial features black-edged involucre bracts along with rich blue, fringed, solitary cornflower. This erect, stoloniferous plant blooms in May to June.

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