Lavender Kew Red 9cm pot plants Herbs

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Lavender Kew Red 9cm pot plants Herbs

Product Description

Kew Red French Lavender, is one of the most eye catching of Lavenders with large flower heads from which , upright pale pink flags emerge, resembling butterfly wings. Lavender Kew Red will flower earlier and longer than many of the English lavenders and is highly fragrant. Lavenders are also drought tolerant, highly attractive to bees and butterflies, and a must have plant for that Cottage Garden Look. Ideal to mix in with other lavenders to give a stunning effect in pots, borders or any sunny spot in the garden.Also idea as a low dense hedge.

  • Height and Spread up to 50cm ( 20")
  • Lavender Kew Red is one of many Lavenders from the 'Growing Range' by Home and Hearths.

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