Rosemary Herb Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Rosemary Herb Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Rosemary Plants

We are the leading online supplier of the comprehensive selection of carefully selected Rosemary Plant. Biologically known as Rosmarinus officinalis, the Rosemary Plant is a member of the mint family Lamiaceae. This is used as a decorative plant in the garden. Being comprehensively pest-resistant, it is easy to grow in an open, sunny position, on friable loam soil with good drainage.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis:

The Rosmarinus officinalis is an aromatic evergreen shrub. Also, accredited as Rosemary, this woody, perennial herb has white, pink, purple, or blue flowers along with fragrant, needle-like leaves. Native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary has cultivated for culinary purpose, oiling purpose, and Phytochemicals & traditional medicine purposes. You can also use its leaves for flavoring various foods like roast meats.

Rosemary BBQ - Rosmarinus officnalis Barbeque:

Biologically known as Rosmarinus officnalis Barbeque, Rosemary BBQ is a popular herb. During early summer, the ends of the stems of this plant feature dainty spikes of lightly-scented blue flowers. Throughout the year, its attractive fragrant needle-like leaves stay green in color. Rosemary BBQ is recommended for container planting, herb gardens, mass planting, hedges/screening, and general garden use.

Rosemary Blue Lagoon - Rosmarinus officinalis:

Being comprehensively the less known variety of Rosemary, Rosemary Blue Lagoon is neither upright nor prostrate. This variety of Rosmarinus Officnalis is usually grown in a large container or on a slope. While stems of this plant are arching and elegant, its leaves are dark green, narrow, and aromatic. Rosemary Blue Lagoon has numerous ornamental uses.

Rosemary Miss Jessop's - Rosmarinus officinalis:

Known with synonyms like Rosmarinus officinalis 'Erectus' and Rosmarinus 'Miss Jessopp's Variety', Rosemary Miss Jessop's is erect, compact, and medium-sized evergreen shrub. This tall growing decorative herb has small, two-lipped light blue flowers and long spires of green leaf. This variety of Rosmarinus Officnalis is used for culinary purpose. Its leaves are perfect for flavoring a variety of dishes

Rosemary Pink - Rosmarinus officinalis:

Rosemary Pink is weeping rosemary. This perennial evergreen shrub has small, light green leaves, that if not pruned can grow squirrelly. This variety of Rosmarinus Officnalis is the perfect option for Culinary as well as Fragrant Ornamenta purpose. You can also use it for treating headache, strengthening the memory, improving scalp conditions, hair growth, prevent premature baldness.

Rosemary Sudbury Blue - Rosmarinus officinalis:

Rosemary Sudbury Blue is known as one of the most decorative herbs. This woody, perennial herb is grown for its appearance alone. It has needle-like, fragrant, evergreen leaves, upright habit, and rich dark green foliage. It is recognized as the classic culinary herb of Italian as well as English cooking. Native to the Mediterranean region, this plant grew perfectly in sunny and sheltered conditions.

Rosemary Trailing - Rosmarinus officinalis:

Rosemary Trailing is a dense groundcover variety of Rosmarinus Officnalis. It has pretty, lightly-scented, mauve-lilac flowers along with green, narrow, needle-like foliage. It is recommended to grow this plant in a rock garden or container. This variety of Rosemary plant is recommended for the Container Planting, Mass Planting, and Rock/Alpine Gardens landscape applications. You can also use it leaves for garnishing and cooking.

Rosemary Upright - Rosmarinus officinalis:

Rosemary Upright is one of the efficient varieties of the Rosmarinus genus. Also, known as a pine-scented, ornamental evergreen herb, Rosemary Upright is easy-to-grow plant and is perfect for beginner’s gardens. This annual bedding plant

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