Thyme Herb Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Thyme Herb Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Thyme Herb Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

Thyme is one of the best-known and most widely used herbs, grown as a culinary plant and also used in rock gardens, patios, as an alternative to lawns and even path edging.

Thyme Archers Gold - Thymus Citriod

Thymus citriodorus 'Archers Gold' is a low-growing, mat-forming lemon-scented thyme, bearing golden-yellow-green leaves and pink flowers in summer. It's perfect for use in culinary dishes, particularly chicken and fish recipes. Thyme plants thrive in hot sunshine and drought, so grow them in a sheltered spot in full sun and free-draining soil.

Thyme Bressingham Pink - Thymus Praecox

Thyme Bressingham Pink reaches a height of 10 cm and with its small dark green leaves and bright pink flowers, is suitable for planting in the rock garden, herb garden or the front of a border. Thymes are also known as very good container plants.

Thyme Caborn Wine & Roses - Thymus Vulgaris

According to some sources Thyme Caborn Wine and Roses is a cultivar of Thymus ciliatus, which is a native of North west Africa. This thyme is a new and recent cultivar bred in the UK and only available for sale since 2007. It is very prostrate, only growing to a maximum of 5 cm high.

Thyme Common - Thymus Vulgaris Compactus

A must have herb for keen cooks. This is a variation of common thyme. It makes a neat, spreading mound of aromatic green leaves. Through the summer it is covered in masses of tiny pink-purple flowers, which butterflies and bees love.

Thyme Creeping Red - Thymus Serpyllum

One of the best low growing ground covers is Creeping thyme. This versatile plant, Thymus serpyllum, can be used in countless ways to provide color, cut maintenance and its uses in the garden are almost unlimited. Creeping thyme is one of those easy to grow plants that survive nicely with little or no care. It's a low maintenance plant that can take a lot of abuse too!

Thyme Doone Valley - Thymus

There are a great many selections of Thyme grown in gardens, all of them with some degree of spicy fragrance. This low, creeping variety, has dark green foliage, tipped with bright gold in fall and winter. Pleasant lemony fragrance. Nice display of bright purple-pink flowers in mid summer. Can be used in between flagstones and will tolerate moderate foot traffic. Creeping Thyme is easily divided in spring or early fall, and even small pieces will take root and grow. Drought tolerant, once established. Attractive to butterflies. Evergreen.

Thyme Gold - Thymus

This is a bushy-growing selection of Lemon Thyme, useful both as an ornamental perennial and culinary herb. Plants form a low, shrubby evergreen clump of tiny lemon-scented green leaves, variegated with golden-yellow. Clusters of lilac-pink flowers appear in summer. Exceptional fragrance and flavor, one of the very best for cooking. Very drought tolerant once established. Plants should be lightly pruned in early spring, but no lower than 4 to 6 inches. Not easily divided. Flowers are attractive to butterflies.

Thyme Jekka's - Thymus 'jekka'

Jekka’s Thyme is a hardy evergreen perennial that grows to a height of around 10cm. It has mid green aromatic leaves and clusters of small pink flowers in spring to early summer.

Thyme Lemon - Thymus Citriodorus

Lemon Thyme looks like English Thyme and grows like English Thyme but that is where the similarity stops. Lemon Thyme definitely smells like lemon and tastes like lemon. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring. It grows like a weed so there is always more lemon waiting in the garden. Lemon Thyme added to marinade is great with fish or chicken. Lemon Thyme's glossy green foliage can be sheared to form one of the knots in a traditional knot garden.

Thyme Lemon Curd - Thymus Serpyllum

Thymes are grown the world over as it is such a versatile plant, and its foliage is attractive, the flowers are long-lasting and very pretty, and it is drought tolerant - an overall easy-care plant. On top of

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