Veronica Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

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Veronica Herbaceous Perennials Plants in 9cm and 13cm Pots

Product Description

Veronica Plant

Belonging to Veronica family, Veronica gentianoides and Veronica prostata Nestor generally grow in Europe. These are very nice to look at and grow on a variety of different soils.

Veronica Gentianoides - Gentian Speedwell - Hardy Perennial:

Veronica gentianoides or Gentian Speedwell grows in Acid, Chalky, Sandy, Fertile, Alkaline, Clay, and Neutral soil with average to moist moisture level. It is resistant to both rabbit and deer and it is also quite easy to tend to. It is light blue in color with a large head and looks very nice with bright golden and yellow flowers due to the contrasting effect.

Veronica Prostata Nestor - Prostrate speedwell 'Nestor', - Perennial:

Veroznica prostata Nestor also known by the name of prostrate speedwell 'Nestor' is native to Europe and blooms in late spring and early summer. It requires Acidic, Neutral, or Alkaline soil which needs to be well drained. It is drought tolerant and attracts butterflies. Prostrate speedwell 'Nestor' is used for edging, covering ground and as a feature plant.

Veronica Rosa Zwerg:

Veronica rosa zwerg is extensively used edging in the sunny borders. It is an easy to maintain plant which is quite attractive to butterflies. Full sun or partial shade is ideal for its growth. It requires normal, sandy, or clayey soil and average moisture. Veronica rose zwerg grows up to a height of 20 cm and has a 30 cm spread.

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